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Learning Prefixes and Suffixes was never so easy as it is now. This site represents the most complete collection of prefixes, suffixes, roots, and word stems found on the Web today.

If you don't find it here... it might not exist.

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  • Most common prefixes in English are easily recognizable. The less common prefixes are just as important to know and learn so here you’ll find them.

  • The common prefixes in medicine are few compared to the common prefixes used in everyday English language use. Learn common prefixes in medicine here.

  • A list of common suffixes can help in many ways so we've produced one here. Even better, our common suffixes list has examples to help you learn them.

  • Most English suffixes come from either the Greek or Latin languages. Learn common English suffixes and their meanings here.

  • Learning Greek prefixes will improve your English Language skills. Here you'll find Greek prefixes plus much more to help you improve your English.

  • Many Latin prefixes are easy to recognize. It's the obscure Latin prefixes that can cause some difficulties for the English learner. Click here for Latin.

  • A list of prefixes is a great place to start building your vocabulary skills. Get a complete list of prefixes plus meanings and examples by clicking here.

  • For a list of suffixes in English simply click here. After all, a list of suffixes is a good place to start to improve your English vocabulary.

  • Medical prefixes are like any other type of prefix in that they are attached to a word or word stem. Medical prefixes can sometimes stand alone.

  • Finding a medical prefixes list is hard enough but learning them is even harder. Here you'll find a medical prefixes list plus methods to help you learn them.

  • Learning medical suffixes need not be that difficult once you find them. Here you'll find a complete medical suffixes list plus origins of said suffixes.

  • Learning medical terminology prefixes can be a challenge. This page was specifically created to help you learn medical terminology prefixes more easily.

  • A metric prefix, as the name implies, deal with the metric system. Which metric system and what standards are used in the metric prefixes is the question.

  • What number prefixes are there and how are they used? Here you'll find number prefixes and their uses plus much more.

  • Learning numerical prefixes isn't that hard because there aren't that many (respectively speaking, that is.) Learn the most common numerical prefixes here.

  • Most prefix meanings are easily understood although some are a bit more obscure. Prefix meanings is a great place to start your vocabulary improvement.

  • Prefixes come in all shapes and sizes. And learning prefixes can greatly improve your vocabulary skills. Add suffixes to make for a winning combination.

  • Looking for prefixes suffixes help? Here it is! You’ll find prefix and suffix help plus everything related to prefixes suffixes and root words.

  • Most prefixes used in medicine come from the Greek or Latin languages. You'll find the prefixes used in medicine listed alphabetically here.

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  • Learning suffix meanings is important for many good reasons. First off, suffix meanings can often determine the category a word belongs to.

  • Many suffixes change not only the word but also the spelling of the word. Here you'll find suffixes and the spelling changes they make to words.

  • For suffixes used in medicine this is the right page. Here you'll find suffixes used in medicine from the letters M thru Z.