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Learning Prefixes and Suffixes was never so easy as it is now. This site represents the most complete collection of prefixes, suffixes, roots, and word stems found on the Web today.

If you don't find it here... it might not exist.


Prefixes, as the word implies, are those words, or parts of a word, that are 'fixed' (i.e., attached) before (pre) a word or stem.

For instance, most know that the word 'legal' means 'lawful'.

When we add the prefix 'il' to legal (meaning not) we get the word 'illegal' which means unlawful or, NOT lawful.

So, now you know that prefixes basically change the meanings of words.

Of course, changing the meaning of the word isn't all they do.

Prefixes can also change the category of a word from a noun to an adjective or verb.

For example, 'fire ' is a noun/verb. When you attach the prefix 'a' to it you get the adjective or adverb 'afire'. 'Afire' means literally blazing (being on fire) or being really excited about something. So you see how prefixes can affect words and change their meanings and categories.

One of the reasons this site exists is to provide students with easy access to prefixes and suffixes. All kinds of prefixes and suffixes.

I say it that way because most sites have either prefixes and / or suffixes.

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