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Prefix Meanings

The prefix meanings below are the continuation of the prefix list from the previous page.

Don't worry, this page serves as both a prefix list and a page of prefixes and their meanings.

Used in combination with the other page, you will have a complete list of prefixes.

Some meanings of prefixes are quite literal coming from either the Greek or Latin languages (more information on those pages) while other prefix meanings may be a bit more obscure.

Either way, prefix meanings are an important item when it comes to learning a language or improving your vocabulary -- especially -- when coming across unknown words.

It pays to try and look for prefixes, suffixes and roots in an attempt to try and figure out unknown words in a text.

For instance, you may not know what "procrastinate" means. Fair enough. But you should see that it is a word made up of a root and a prefix..."pro" meaning forward, or towards and "crastinus" meaning tomorrow. This now gives you a good idea as to what it means.

Procrastinate, then, means to put off (often habitually) till tomorrow.

Below are some prefix meanings combined with their common uses.

Prefix     Meanings    Use

macro large, long
macrobiotic = tending to prolong life
macrocosm = the great world

mega great, million
megalomania = delusions of grandeur
megaton = million tons of TNT

meta involving change
metamorphosis = change of form

micro small
microcosm = miniature universe
microscopic = extremely small

mis bad, improper
misdemeanor = minor crime
mischance = unfortunate accident

mis hatred
misanthrope = He who hates mankind
misogynist = woman-hater

mono one
monarchy = government of one ruler
monotheism = belief in one god

multi many
multifarious = having many parts
multitudinous = numerous

neo new
neologism = newly coined word
neophyte = beginner

non not
noncommittal = undecided
nonchalant = with ease
obstruct = block
occlude = close, block out
offend = insult
opponent = someone who struggles against

olig few
oligarchy = government by a few
pan all, every
panacea = cure all
panorama = unobstructed view in all directions

para beyond, related
parallel = similar
paraphrase = restate, translate

per through, completely
permeable = allowing passage through
pervade = spread throughout

peri around, near
perimeter = outer boundary
periphery = edge

poly many
polyglot = speaking several languages

post after
posthumous = after death

pre before
preamble = introductory statement
premonition = forewarning

prim first
primordial = existing at the dawn of time
primogeniture = state of being the first born

pro forward, in favor of
propulsive = driving forward
proponent = supporter

proto first
prototype = first of its kind

pseudo false
pseudonym = pen name

re again, back
reiterate = repeat
reimburse = pay back

retro backward
retrospect = look back in time

se away, aside
secede = withdraw
seclude = shut away

semi half, partly
semiconscious = partly conscious

under, less
subjugate = bring under control
succumb = yield, cease to resist
suffuse = spread through
suggest = hint
suppress = put down by force
suspend = delay, temporarily cease

super, sur over, above
supernatural = above natural things
surtax = additional tax
surcharge = additional expense
with, together
synchronize = timed together
sympathize = pity, identify with
syllogism = explanation of how ideas relate
system = network

tele far
telegraphic = communication over a distance
telescopic = seeing far away
trans across
transport = carry across
transcontinental = across continent
ultra beyond, excessive
ultra conservative = exceedingly conservative
ultraviolet = beyond red
un not
unkempt = not combed, disheveled

under below
underling = someone inferior
understudy = one who studies under
uni one
unison = oneness of pitch, complete accord
union = in or with agreement
vice in place of
viceroy = acting in place of a king
vice-president = acts in place of president
with away, against withstand = stand up against, resist

This page combined with the previous page provides a complete list of prefixes and their meanings.

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