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List of Prefixes

Looking for a list of prefixes? Then you've come to the right page. Below you'll find prefixes in a list designed to assist you in learning their meanings and their uses.

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Due to the number of prefixes, we've placed the prefixes alphabetically so that they would be easier for you to learn.

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The prefixes below are from A through L, on the next page you'll find those beginning with the letters M through Z.

Prefixes   Meanings   Use

away from

abduct = lead away, kidnap,
abjure = renounce
abscond = run off secretly
to, forward
advance = move forward
accord = agreement, harmony,
affliction = cause by distress
aggregation = collection,
annexation = addition,
appease = bring toward peace,
arraignment = indictment,
assumption = taking for granted,
attendance = present, in person

ambi both
ambiguous = double meaning,
ambivalent = having conflicting emotions
ambidextrous = using both hands equally well
an, a without

anarchy = lack of government,
amoral = without morals
atypical = not typical
ante before
antecedent = preceding event or word,
antediluvian = ancient
antecessor = one going before
anti against, opposite
antipathy = hatred of,
antithetical = exactly opposite
anticlimax = something trivial
arch chief, first
archetype = original, first, head
archbishop = chief bishop
archangel = head angel
be over, thoroughly
bemuze = humor, intrigue
befuddle = confuse thoroughly
bemoan = protest, express regret
bi two
bicameral = composed of two houses,
biennial = every two years
bicycle = with two wheels
cata down
catastrophe = disaster,
cataract = waterfall,
catapult = hurl

circum around
circumnavigate = sail around,
circumspect = cautious,
circumscribe = limit
circumstances = situation surrounding you
with, together

combine = merge with,
coeditor = joint editor,
collateral = subordinate, connected
conference = meeting,
corroborate = confirm

contra, contro against
contravene = conflict with
contraband = against rules, law controversy = dispute

de down, away
debase = lower in value
decadence = deterioration
depreciate = lose value
demi partly, half
demigod = partly divine being
demiglace = reduced brown sauce
di two
dichotomy = into two parts,
dilemma = choice between two (usually bad) alternatives

dia across
diagonal = across a figure,
diameter = distance across a circle
diabolical = devilish
dis, dif not, apart
discord = lack of harmony,
differ = disagree
differentiate = tell apart, separate
dys faulty, bad
dysfunctional = not functioning properly
dysentery = diarrhea
ex, e out
exit = exodus,
emit = give off something
exhaust = fumes from engine
extra, extro beyond, outside
extracurricular = outside the curriculum
extraterrestrial = beyond the earth,
extrovert = outgoing person

hyper above, excessively
hyperbole = exaggeration,
hyperventilate = breath at an excessive rate
hyperactive = overly active
hypo beneath

hypoglycemia = low blood sugar
hypodermic = below the skin
hypochondriac = under illusion / opression of sickness
in, il, im, ir not
inefficient = not efficient
inarticulate = not clear or distinct
illegible = not readable,
impeccable = not capable of sinning, perfect
irrevocable = not able to be called back

in, il, im, ir in, on, upon
invite = call in
illustration = something that makes clear
impression = effect upon mind or feelings
irradiate = shine upon

inter between, among
intervene = come between
international = between nations
interjection = a thrown in statement

intra, intro within
intramural = within a school
introvert = person turned into self
introspection = self examination

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